Why Choose Us


Empirically supported therapeutic approaches.
Regulated psychotherapists, psychologists, and counsellors.


No more wait times for mental health care.
We provide upfront mental health assessments and treatment plans.


We make every dollar count. Our staff is ready to welcome you with open arms, ensuring barrier-free, high-quality care.

About Us

Terrace Wellness Group has been providing mental health care for 20+ years.  During this time, Terrace has evolved to include an array of programs and services designed to address the diverse mental health needs of the communities we serve. We believe in efficient and timely access to high-quality and integrated mental health supports. 

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Our Services

Terrace Wellness Group provides a variety of solutions for improving mental health. TWG’s solutions include Terrace Wellness Centre, Terrace Autism Therapy, Terrace Residential, and Terrace Business Solutions.  

Terrace Wellness Centre provides counselling, psychological and support services to improve mental health for individuals, families and couples. We provide a complimentary upfront mental health assessment with our mental health nurse to identify individual needs. A comprehensive treatment plan is also provided to each client. Counselling is delivered by highly specialized registered psychotherapists or social workers. Other supports available include group counselling, parent coaching, behavioural consultation, and consultations with other health care providers. To support our work with clients, Terrace Wellness Centre includes a Psychiatry Consultation Clinic, which specializes in diagnoses, medication adjudication, and treatment planning.

Terrace Autism Therapy offers Ottawa and its surrounding regions with the highest quality ABA and IBI services both in-centre and in-home. We strive to create an engaging, supportive environment for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and/or with other exceptionalities, to blossom and grow! Our family-based approach helps families feel supported and confident in their therapeutic journey with their child. Terrace Autism Therapy offers a wide range of services individualized to meet each of our client’s needs. Our services include ABA therapy, IBI therapy, behavioural consultation, respite, classroom and social integration, group-based therapy, and much more.

Terrace Youth Residential Services, Inc. has been providing a full spectrum of services to children and youth since 1998 throughout Ontario.  Today, TYRS has expanded to provide treatment homes and services to over 20 Children’s Aid Societies and serves over 100 youth in group, foster, and respite care placements. Our experienced caregivers understand the importance of a 360°, individualized approach to care.  We offer everything from regular short-term relief for parents, alternative schooling, to group home or foster care placements.

Terrace Business Solutions provides government and industry with mental health solutions for employees. Terrace Business Solutions helps employers provide rapid and high-quality mental health services, while optimizing cost-effectiveness. Solutions are made scalable and tailored for the mental health needs of each organization. Solutions may include an upfront and accurate mental health assessment, comprehensive treatment planning, matching to highly specialized registered counsellors and psychotherapists, and ongoing evaluations for solution effectiveness.