Empirically supported

Implementation of mental health solutions supported by research.
Ongoing evaluations for effective implementations.
Quality assurance of best practices.


Terrace has 20+ years delivering mental health solutions.
Tailored solutions to the mental health needs of populations.
Sharing our knowledge to improve the functioning of other mental health systems.


Mental health benefits optimized.
Making mental health dollars “count”.
Ensuring barrier-free high-quality care.

Our Services

Terrace Mental Health Solutions aims to provide high-quality and “smart” solutions to industry, organizations and government. Terrace’s Wellness Group has demonstrated the ability to provide highly accessible, specialized, and integrated mental health care. Terrace Mental Health Solutions applies this expert knowledge to optimizing other health care systems. This includes a tiered solution to employee health care, ranging from IT solutions via a smart devise, such as provision of self-help materials, text, talk and video counselling, to bricks-and- mortar counselling centres, to psychiatry, to respite services. In addition, our research team has the demonstrated ability to evaluate current health care systems, highlight gaps or inefficiencies in care, and propose and/or implement solutions.

Our Smart Solution

Introducing Snapclarity

Snapclarity links users to therapists through text, video and allows the user to have options in the length of sessions. Our innovative onboarding technology is an assessment based on algorithms to determine the individual’s risk level and provides an immediate treatment plan. Snapclarity creates a faster treatment plan, improves patient data, scalable and available anytime anywhere.

Our platform helps companies get more out of their healthcare investment. While taking care of their people. The system is complex and we want programs in front of people when they need it the most. Snapclarity: can help solve this problem.

We are already improving the mental health care experience.  We have removed all the friction points so that people have the ability to connect to the right person to the right program at the right time. We use multiple algorithms and data streams to continually improve utilization results, experience feedback, and clinical impact data. It will give employers a more powerful set of tools to analyze and optimize their benefit ecosystem.

It is time we empower employers to take action and get more out of their healthcare investment. Download our free booklet to learn more about the revolution of mental health!

Snapclarity - It's time to address our mental health crisis

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