Foster Care

Terrace Youth Residential Services, INC., operates foster care licensed under Bryce Group Home. TYRS has offered foster care services for over 12 years and has expanded services to include the provision of Parent Model/ Mixed Modality programs. Foster care beds are available across the region, serving males and females of all ages. Parent Model/ Mixed Modality programs offer 10 hours per week per child of staff support, up to a maximum of 40 hours per week, and regular foster care beds are supported by a Child and Youth Worker for approximately 9 hours weekly. All foster care programs focus on the individual needs of each youth, and allow for integration into a family like setting. Clients in our foster care system have access to TYRS’ psychiatrist, Terrace Youth Wellness Centre, are assessed based on CAFAS (Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale), and receive clinical services and support from TYRS’ clinician as required.


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is a science that utilizes behavioural principles to modify socially significant behaviours.  This is a process that is fueled by reinforcement and motivation. It is through these principles that the Terrace team provides individual ABA therapy to help our clients not only meet,  but exceed goals in communication, social skills, academics, fine motor, gross motor and life skills. All of our students are assessed using The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills -Revised (ABLLS-R), which is an evidence-based assessment tool developed by James Partington (PhD, BCBA-D).  Once the ABLLS-R assessment is complete our collaborative team will work together to create a program that uniquely reflects your child’s needs and goals. An important aspect of our programming focuses on maintenance and generalization of skills and behaviours to all the environments that your child is exposed to.  ABA with Terrace is an inclusive process that includes Psychologists, Senior Therapists, Instructor Therapists and most importantly parents. Our goal is to work together as a team to ensure that your child receives the most effective, ethical, enriching, and evidence-based services to thrive both in our program and in their lives.


Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI) refers to the application of the principles of ABA in an intensive setting. Clients in our IBI program receive ideally a minimum of 25 hours per week of therapy. IBI is delivered on a 1:1 basis or in a small group setting. The goal of IBI is to give children a boost to meet and exceed developmental and academic milestones. IBI also helps children  catch up to their peers socially, academically and developmentally to ensure a smooth transition to school. IBI is best utilized intensively between the ages of 2-6 years. IBI also utlizes the ABLLS-R assessment tool to develop programing to best suit each child’s needs and goals..

Foster Homes Availability

Foster homes are available throughout the regions and accommodate placements for infants, youth and adolescents with varying needs. As we continually work to recruit foster homes, our foster home service offering is constantly expanding. Please contact us for specific foster care requests and availability.

As of September 2014, we have foster homes in the following areas to accommodate the following ages of children:

  • Ottawa Area: males and females ages 5-18
  • Peterborough and Tri-County: males and females ages 6-18
  • Toronto Region: males and females ages 0-10
  • York Region: males and females ages 0-18
  • Durham Region: males and females ages 0-18
  • Peel Region: males and females ages 0-18