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Dear reader, 
On behalf of Terrace Wellness Group I would like to extend a very Happy New Year to everyone! New Years is a time to recommit yourself to personal growth and wellbeing. At Terrace we are committed to helping all of our clients reach their goals and become the best possible version of themselves.  

In 2018, Terrace Wellness Group is expanding our already extensive list of services. As the Chief Operating Officer at Terrace I am personally committed to listening to the needs of the community and doing our best to support.

Wellness Centre
The Terrace Wellness Centre is still offering the wide range of incredible psychological services for all ages, spanning from free triages with our mental health nurse, psychological assessments with our psychologist, psychotherapy, coaching and much more. We are also excited to extend our low cost counselling option to the community to break down barriers to mental health even further.

Youth Residential
Terrace Youth Residential Services has expanded our Foster Care division in 2018 to better support youth in the community. We are always looking for incredible individuals that are looking to make a difference in our youth’s life. For more details, I would encourage you to visit our website and contact our foster care lead Jenny Lovelady at jlovelady@terraceyouth.ca.

Autism Therapy
Terrace Autism Therapy is expanding to support the ever-growing needs of the community well at the same time working to support the new Ontario Autism Program. Our family-centred approach ensures that our kids and families get the services they need when they need them. As always, we are here to support our families in their journey and provide the exceptional services that meet their child’s individualized needs. Watch our newsletters for exciting new Summer programs.

Meet SnapClarity
I am thrilled to announce that our sister company SnapClarity will soon be launched and ready to help individuals access mental health support from anywhere. Check out the website and stay tuned for more exciting details: www.snapclairty.com

I feel extremely blessed to be in such an incredible role where I get to work with our clients to ensure they get the support they need to grow and be healthy. Mental health is something we all need to work on and Terrace is always there to provide the tools your family needs to succeed. I hope everyone makes 2018 their year and one of the best years yet.

Ashley Hayes
Chief Operating Officer
Terrace Wellness Group

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