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About what we do

Terrace Youth Residential Services, Inc. has been providing a full spectrum of services to children and youth since 1998.  Our homes are located throughout Ontario and serve males and females.  Since 1998, services have expanded to include day treatment programs, foster care programs and specialized treatment programs. Today, TYRS has expanded to provide treatment homes and services to over 30 Children’s Aid Societies and serving over 200 youth in group, foster and respite care placements.

Our experienced caregivers understand the importance of a 360°, individualized approach to care.  We offer everything from regular short-term relief for parents to alternative schooling to Group Home or Foster Care Placements.

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Youth Residential Services
Our program is designed to accommodate youth between the ages of 7 through 18 years of age.  Presenting problems may include:mental health diagnosis, major peer problems; aggressive behaviour; depression; withdrawal; suicidal thoughts and behaviour; unresolved emotional trauma due to family disruption; violence; substance abuse or child abuse; school avoidance, mild intellectual disabilities or a neurodevelopmental disorder that fits within our milieu.

Program Benefits

We support our youth in their cultural heritage through participation in community resources and cultural groups. Sharing of cultural heritage including language are also encouraged through at home activities (i.e. dietary requirements, language, crafts, etc). Learn more > 

In conjunction with the Plan of Care, we provide an assessment of the child in the context of their immediate environment, specifically, in their interactions and relationships. Psychiatric, counselling and assessment services are provided through our Wellness Centre.
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While we endeavour to provide and meet the needs of all of our youth, there are times a they may benefit from outside resources. The Director and team maintain a good working relationship with other social, education, and health resources within the community.
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In appreciation and acknowledgment of the support and services we receive from our communities, we endeavour to give-back to the community. Youth are encouraged to participate local activities such as  clean up days, annual fun days, and more.
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Our staff are required to attend multiple training sessions including a minimum of 60 hours of Observation Shift Training, TCI, and CPS training. Financial resources have been allocated to cover the costs as well as the costs for resource consultants.
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Youth are provided with the structure and consistency needed for them to be able to grow and make positive important decisions in their lives. These are reflected in the scheduling of shifts, plans of care and the day to day living within the house.
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Our therapeutic counselling encompasses a holistic approach for each of our youth including treatment goals, expectations and individualized plans. We also assist in the treatment process through positive activities and interaction.
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Youth’s development and effectiveness of treatment plans are based on their specific needs and is assessed through data, interviews with clinical support team & staff, placement suitability assessment, relationships & interactions with the community, and more.
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Transition Program
Clients may be referred to Terrace Youth Residential Services’ transition program, a program designed to accommodate placement of older adolescent females, in a setting with a full time staff person in the role of caregiver.  This program accommodates placement for up to 6 youth between the ages of 16 up to 18 years, in a licensed facility.  These youth develop an individual program and sign a contract upon placement, agreeing to the terms of their placement and developing a transition plan.

Additional Programs

This is a residential program for young adults (16-22 years old) that need Terrace Youth Residential placement and an after care program. This includes: group work, therapy, education, mental health assessment, recovery coach, mindfulness, DBT, CBT, detox program

Our initial referral that includes interviews, assessments, and pre-screeners is used to develop a plan and to see if the client is the right fit for this program. Please contact us at 613.831.1105 for more information.

TYRS presently operates day treatment programs in the Ottawa and Toronto areas, open to youth placed within any programs. We work with the school board and the clinical team to develop a plan. This is part of our mood and anxiety clinic that will support our clients in the integration back into school. The profile is, risk behavior, attendance, social anxiety, absent and have learning gaps, addiction issues.

 To determine if this is the right fit for your youth, please contact us at 613.831.1105 for more information on criteria and admittance process for this program. 

Contact us
If you have any questions regarding about Terrace Youth Residential Services, do not hesitate to message us! You may call us at (613) 831-1105 or at intake@terraceyouth.ca, you may also leave us a message using this form! We will respond your messages as soon as possible.